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ScalaTest Release Notes

ScalaTest 1.9.1 is source (but not necessarily binary) compatible with previous releases. To upgrade from 1.8, you should only need to do a clean build.

This release was created to accomdate changes forced by Scala 2.10 and sbt 0.12. As a result, from the user's perspective it differs from 1.8 by only one bug fix and two deprecations:

Bug fixes

  • Added missing abstract and override modifiers for patienceConfig in org.scalatest.concurrent.IntegrationPatience to enable it to be mixed in as intended.


  • Added expectResult to Assertions, and deprecated expect. expect will be used for a different purpose in a future version of ScalaTest.
  • Renamed Matchers in package org.scalatest.matchers to ClassicMatchers and deprecated Matchers.

ScalaTest is brought to you by Bill Venners, with contributions from several other folks. It is sponsored by Artima, Inc.
ScalaTest is free, open-source software released under the Apache 2.0 license.

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