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ScalaTest User Guide

Getting started

Selecting testing styles

Defining base classes

Writing your first test

Using assertions

Tagging your tests

Running your tests

Sharing fixtures

Sharing tests

Using matchers

Testing with mock objects

Property-based testing

Using Selenium

Other goodies

Philosophy and design

Migrating to 2.0

Running your tests

How can you run your tests? Let me count the ways:

1. On the command lineuse the Runner
2. In the Scala interpreterinvoke execute or use the ScalaTest shell
3. From Mavenuse the ScalaTest Maven Plugin
4. From sbtuse the Framework
5. Via Antuse the ScalaTestAntTask
6. From IntelliJ IDEAuse the ScalaTest support in Scala plugin
7. From the Scala IDE for Eclipseuse the ScalaTest Eclipse plugin
8. From NetBeansuse JUnitRunner

Next, learn about sharing fixtures.

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